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Mr.Ronson thought he was quite the hard ass when he started bossing his black maid around one day. Little did he know she was also a professional Mistress by night! The beautiful black woman stripped down to her panties, threw him across the couch and yanked his pants down to his knees! "Now you're going to get that white ass spanked good and hard by a REAL black bitch" she shouted "I'll have you crying for yo' mama in no time!" And she sure did! As her dark hand smacked his bare white ass again and again he soon knew the shame and humiliation of a BLACK MISTRESS SPANKING!
Black Mistress Spanking picture
Black Mistress Spanking picture
Miss Jones was the black headmistress at an exclusive London boy's school. Many a time did she have to take a young white schoolboy's trousers down and cane his bare white ass right and proper! "You'll learn your lessons one way or another" she'd sneer "Or your bottom is going to wish it had never been born!" SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! Went her rattan cane as one white boy after another received six of the best in her office. Bent over her desk or tearfully grasping their knees - they all came to know the stinging humiliation of being spanked by a black Mistress!
"So my little white bitch boy has his bare ass in the air, what EVER should I do with him?" asked Mistress Afriqe, a beautiful black Dominatrix who specialized in spanking submissive white men. "I think maybe a few strokes of my riding crop on that little white ass will have you singing a delightful tune for my ears to enjoy!" Again and again she lashed his bare bottom, sending stinging ripples of pain and searing shame through his pale body. Who could imagine that this proud white man, once a high-powered wall street broker, was now down submissively on his knees being spanked and cropped by a stern Black Mistress?
Black Mistress Spanking picture
Black Mistress Spanking picture
Mistress Faria was a thick black Mistress who had an absolute LUST for spanking and whipping naked white men. She would get in her best heels and garters, grab her favorite riding crop and furiously lash the bare bottom of her high-paying white clients. "Give me some tears, you little white wimp!" she'd hiss "I want you begging to drink my piss when I'm done spanking your boney little white ass!" And many a poor submissive white man did just that! Finished his black Mistress spanking session by having to gulp down a steaming hot mug of his Mistresses' fresh piss...and they LOVED IT!
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Could you handle getting a Black Mistress spanking from these lovely dark ladies?
Black Mistress Spanking picture
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